I am Rachelle Stimac, certified Reiki Master, meditation guide, and owner of Windsor Art of Healing. I believe that living authentically is the only option and that the most crucial task in life is to discover who we are. Humanity in general is ready for more soul-oriented processes and perspectives. I empower individuals to remove limitations so they can begin to visualize opportunity for growth and drastic change. I spend my time outside of work discovering the depths of life with my children Luca, Noah, and Jacob, and husband Frank. My husband and I strive to create a home environment that encourages discovery of who we are. I have a strong universal outlook and deep understanding of life's challenges. This is why I'm here, to help others reach the same place.


Windsor Art of Healing offers services to decrease stress, increase soul consciousness, and bring the body and mind back to its ideal form. We believe that gaining a sense of who you are is the greatest knowledge you will ever acquire, and aim to help facilitate the healing and empowerment of individuals who are moving toward spiritual growth.

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