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Distant Healing


1. How long does a distant healing session last?

A distant healing session lasts 60min or 90min depending on the service you have chosen. 

2. How can you tap into someone's energy at a distant?

The first step to connect with someone's energy or to offer Reiki healing distantly is consent and permission. Without that, it is not only unethical but the vibration of my energy and that of the other persons will likely not match. 

3. How can you feel energy if the person is not in front of you? 

When I feel energy, it feels tangible. Imagine painting with your hands. I can move it, manipulate it, shift colours into another. I can move energy with my hands, with intention, and with breath. I can feel that it has moved or is heavily stagnant in one area of the body. This is both a feeling and a knowing. Because the power of intention is so strong, when I am working at a distance, just by imagining you in front of me or laying on my massage bed, I can feel your energy just as much as I can feel your energy if you were physically with me. 

4. Is the session done over the phone or zoom? 


For these sessions, zoom or a phone call is not required as I can connect to your energy with intention and my intuitive strengths. When you book your session, you will fill out a form that has space to briefly describe your intention for booking the session. Prior to your session, I will be in touch via text or email to discuss what is personally arising for you. I will help guide you to formulate an intention for your session as well as a list of one or more questions you have for angels/spirit. You will be asked to send this to me at least 1 hour before your scheduled appointment time via text, or email. On the day of your appointment I will text you moments before your scheduled appointment time to let you know I am beginning your session. When your session is complete I will text you to let you know I am finished and then send you an email with an audio reading of all that was felt and heard in your session.


5. Is there something I should be doing during the session to better receive healing?


The truth is, Reiki has no limits. You will receive exactly what you need to no matter what you're doing. You have the choice to either move about your day or to hold space for yourself. I recommend choosing something quiet like laying down, meditating, or relaxing, that way you welcome space for stillness and quiet. One of the benefits to holding quiet space for yourself is that you may be able to experience sensations of Reiki energy moving through you. Whatever you choose to do will not affect by ability to provide healing. 


6. Will I be able to feel anything during the distant session?

Absolutely! Many clients report distant healing sessions to be just as profound as in-person sessions. Distant healing sessions are highly effective and clients report feeling similar sensations to the one's they experience during an in person session. Scroll down to read testimonials on distant healing sessions here. 


7. How do you receive information from angels/spirit?

Sharing your intention and questions for angels/spirit is an important part of your session. Guides are waiting to work for you, and when you come to them with specific or direct questions and intentions, healing takes place faster. We will work together to formulate an intention and questions for angels/spirit and then I will journey for you to the spirit realms. Spirit will make contact with my soul during a session. Information then flows through my soul to my consciousness, and the information will be translated into words, images, and concepts that I already have available to me so that I can interpret them for you. It takes loving energy to use both my right and left brain simultaneously during a session. High vibrational information will enter my right brain and then I use my left brain to speak or write at the same time. Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience and Claircognizance are all terms that are used to describe my intuitive strength.

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