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Booking Policies

Confirmation of Appointment: You will receive and email or text the day before your appointment to confirm. You have up until 1.5 hours before your appointment start time to confirm your appointment otherwise it will automatically be cancelled. This is set in place to allow enough opportunity to open a spot for clients on my long wait list and to properly arrange childcare. 


For Cancellations/Rescheduling I require a minimum of 24 hours notice. Your service time has been allotted for you and I respect your time just as you respect mine. Should you find yourself unable to make your appointment, please call, text, or email as soon as possible. 

Should you miss your appointment and no show I have outlined these policies:

1st offence for No Show- firm warning and consent of policy reviewed at next appointment. 

2nd offence for No Show- will result in 50% of the service missed to be paid in full.

3rd offence for No Show- full payment of service price and termination of client privileges to book services beyond 24 hours in advance. 

Thank you for your understanding and respect in this matter. 

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