Reiki Healing Session


Reiki treatments begin with a brief overview of the Chakra system. The Reiki Practitioner will lay their hands on or above your body to uncover where you have blocked energy. Blockages result in physical and emotional pain. The Reiki Practitioner will work to clear any blockages by connecting you to the Reiki energy. When you are connected to this energy, your body will do what it is naturally meant to do - heal itself. As your body heals, you will experience a deep state of relaxation. The Reiki Practitioner will end the session revealing any messages your body has for you in regards to obtaining optimal health, and returning to your true self.

Child Reiki


Child sessions begin with an interactive story about what Reiki is. This is an opportunity to build trust between the Reiki Practitioner and the child(ren). After the story is complete, the child will have their own individual healing session. The session begins with a guided child meditation to promote calmness and imagination. During this time the Reiki Practitioner will connect them to the Reiki energy. After the guided meditation is finished, the Reiki Practitioner will remain silent, and the child can allow their mind to wonder and dream. At this time, the Reiki Practitioner will uncover any messages their body has for them in obtaining optimal health and embracing their true self.

Children are very sensitive to energy, and will usually tell the Reiki Practitioner they are finished by getting up, fidgeting, or even beginning to fuss. It is amazing how fast the energy flows through them, which is why they typically don't need longer than 30min of Reiki.

*Please ask about sibling group sessions and rates.

Prenatal/Postnatal Reiki Session


Prenatal Reiki treatments offer a shared experience for you and your baby. The physical experiences that may occur during pregnancy are all very purposeful for your baby’s development. These physical sensations are often coupled with emotions brought about by hormonal shifts and general concerns. The Reiki Practitioner will create a replenishing and strengthening experience using guided meditation and Reiki. Using a light touch on or above your body, the Reiki Practitioner will connect you to the Reiki energy, offering you an opportunity to be fully with yourself and your baby. The stillness experienced during the session can produce a bounty of positive affects in the immune and central nervous system, helping you and the life inside you strive. This is a time to connect to the new life growing inside you, and also to connect with yourself.

A postpartum Reiki session with mom and baby can help strengthen bonding and support recovery from the birth.

Private Meditation Class (4-week program) (1-4 people)


Our 4-week training program offers one-on-one support from a meditation coach. You will learn to observe the body and the mind with bare attention and further your awareness and insight by practising focused attention, observing, and accepting all that arises without judgment. Home practise assignments will help you incorporate mindfulness into your lifestyle. By the end of the training you will be able to face the tensions and problems of daily life in a calm and balanced way.

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