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There is a magnetic power that comes from leading with our hearts.

It leads us to embrace humble honesty, authenticity,


for the people around us.

genuine graciousness

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I believe that living authentically is the only option and that the most crucial task in life is to discover who we are.

Windsor Art of Healing offers services to decrease stress, increase soul consciousness, and bring the body and mind back to its ideal form. I aim to help facilitate the healing and empowerment of individuals who are moving toward spiritual growth.

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Reiki Healing

1hr Reiki Healing Session

By activating your heart and energy awareness, Reiki mends the broken or blocked communication channels between all parts of you-your body, your thoughts, your heart, your spirit, and your soul.


1:1 or Group Meditation (2-4 ppl)

You will learn to observe the body and the mind with bare attention and further your awareness and insight by practicing focused attention, observing, and accepting all that arises without judgment.

Reiki w/Spiritual Reading

Spiritual Reading

We will work together to formulate an intention and questions that I will journey to spirit with. One of the greatest gifts that this session will provide you with is the ability to discover and uncover the depths of your heart.

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Be courageous and live the life your heart is guiding you towards.

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