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Nurturing Your 
Pregnancy & Birth

Reclaim your body and your relationship to your body.

Everyone deserves someone to witness them and hold space for them as they walk through the birth portal. 

My role as a doula is not to “save” women from birth, or relieve women from pain. I view my role as a space holder; someone to bring you back to your body and your intuition over and over again. Birth requires ALL of you, the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

It is a transformational experience from maiden to mother where you meet your deepest fears, and experience heights of joy and ecstasy.
My role is to meet you in the presence of your experience and walk alongside you. Witnessing women step into their intuition, awaken to the beauty and power inside their body, and trust their innate wisdom to be at the authority of their birth is what fills me up. This is my passion and my why for serving women.  
Hi, I'm Rachelle
Thank you for being here; I am honoured to walk this winding journey with you. I am a wife, mothering three boys, and a woman who serves women. 

I hold space for women through conception to postpartum, in pregnancy & birth loss. I walk with women in birth, and I host a Conscious Childbirth Course. 

I believe that birth belongs to women, and that women should be held at the center of their births.

I support homebirths and select hospital births. 
My Birth
We have been taught to view birth inside a narrow medical model and this robs us from the experience of birth being a normal natural event where the mother is the expert.

If we approach birth this way, it’s really hard to have it feel natural in an environment that interferes with the physiological process of birth.

Birth is something that women do, not something that happens to them.

When a woman is birthing, she is the center of her birth, it’s her space, and we have to honour that space.

When we are present with the dance of what the body is doing, the physiological process of birth works more fluidly and is less hindered by unnecessary disruption. And then women are held in more peace as they get to watch the potent power of life moving through them.
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