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We are holistic beings, and there are many layers to who we are. If we are not in flow (in harmony) we may experience a loss of balance in the mind and body, physical symptoms like pain and bloating, sleep disturbance, indecisiveness, feelings of fear, anxiety, and depression. When we move against the stream of what we need, we may experience disruption, disconnect or illness.

Sometimes circumstances and choices lead us more distant from our center and more distant from our heart. Pain is relative from small to big, and every single person on the planet has dealt with pain. One way of surviving any type of pain is to close and leave your heart. By now we know that we cannot selectively numb. When we close off our heart we may be less vulnerable to pain, but we also shut out love, compassion, and joy.

My work is to move you closer and closer to yourself. When we live from our heart space, we live from our centre, and we align with spirit. This allows for more fluidity and ease in your life. It creates more love. I believe that God is love. But that’s me. I want you to believe in whatever higher power you believe in. The moon, the stars, the sun, the universe, it's all some greater source; and that source is love.

And as you grow in relationship with this source, what you do will simply reflect who you really are. And that’s why I’m here. Because I believe that gaining a sense of who you are is the greatest knowledge you will ever acquire. And it is my mission to help facilitate the healing and empowerment of your journey back home to yourself.

It is my humble honour to create sweet breathing room for you to get in touch with quiet, stillness, and calm. It is in this stillness that you can make contact with your internal world, the voice of self, and the voice of source.

There is magnetic power that comes from leading with our hearts.

Are you ready to receive?


Intuitive Distant Healing Offerings



Each session is attuned to your needs, interests, and personal health journey.

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